In our work to communicate and suggest we performed a service almost nonexistent in Mendoza, liaise adviser for wineries and restaurants to help them to work together.

ADVISORY: Consists of acting as a professional nexus between wine product and the gastronomic proposal, tasting with officials from Bodega and owners or managers responsible of wines incorporation.

BENEFITS: Many wineries want to be on wine lists with their products and many restaurants need a variety of wines that perfectly complement and pair its gastronomic proposal.

NOWADAYS Wineries find a major trade barrier to enter through terms of money and number of bottles, and the restaurants are almost daily receiving samples which get lost without being properly tasted.


OBJECTIVE: To interact and close a circle between both sides so that the activity is suitable for everyone and the position is set in a professional and serious work, always thinking of the final consumer satisfaction and business benefit of both.

  • Gastronomic


    Dedicated to qualify restaurant staff:

    • Correct presentation of the wine bottle.
    • How to put together a Wine List.
    • Stock Control and proper wine temperatures.
    • Protocol for the wine service.
    • Sales techniques and costumer service.
    • Pairings and proper suggestions depending on the food offer.
    • Drinks rotation at a Restaurant.
  • Events


    Organization, coordination and guidelines for a service according to International standards:

    • Coordination, qualifying and organization for wine related events: Contests, Seminars, Conferences, Presentations, etc.
    • Control and preparation of the necessary elements for it (wine glass condition, temperature of bottles, sequence to present, etc.).
    • Schedule of time and service.
    • Special personal contribution for the service.
  • Wine Tourism


    Oriented to Travel Agency and Winery staff:

    • Reception and service towards the tourist.
    • Correct way to communicate about wines.
    • Knowledge of the Wine Routes.
    • Wine sales techniques through the tasting of the product.
    • Organization of the tourism area for wineries.